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How to apply

  • by phone or internet
  • through the school if student volunteering


  • The Chonbuk National University Hospital, public health assistance office, social welfare department
  • 063) 250-1524

Available volunteering

General volunteering

Adults over 20 with personal knowledge, and ready to provide own time and ability to patients, and available more than once a week over 6 months

Professional volunteering

Qualified for general volunteering, and completion of a specialized course of art therapy, music therapy, therapeutic recreation, etc.

student volunteering

  • teenagers volunteering : students in middle or high school, available only during vacation
  • undergraduate volunteering : Qualified for general volunteering, application through the university or a group

Hospice volunteering

Hospice volunteering is to care the dying patients and their family with physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual support.
Eligibility : a person who completes a course of hospice and has mature and positive attitudes about life and death

[54907] 20, Geonjiro Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do 561-712, Korea l TEL : 82-1577-7877

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