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Medical Care
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Consultation Hours

Outpatient Services

Division Check-in Hours Office Hours
Weekdays 08:00~17:00 08:30~17:30
  • Open 5 days a week. Saturday outpatient care has been discontinued.
  • Office hours or check-in time may change or close early depending on the circumstances of departments and doctors.
  • Dentistry check-in and office hours 9:00~18:00

Outpatient Services

Emergency Room Open 24 hours 365 days
Delivery Room Open 24 hours 365 days
Dental Clinic Open 5 days a week with extended office hours every Thursday (until 8pm) Saturday outpatient care has been discontinued

Outpatient Services

Check-in Method

Check-in Method
Without appointment
1st visit Must bring treatment referrals (references) from first or second hospital
(No health insurance benefits without referrals. Excludes dentistry)
Present referrals, medical history forms, health insurance, registration card and then register (check-in) receive registered receipts and examination ticket.
Follow-up visit People who have been examined in our hospital
Go directly to the window and present health insurance card, registration card, and examination record card receive registered receipt.
When you made appointment via phone, internet, or in person.
First visit the department for examination then pay medical and examination bills at the reception desk.
  • Phone appointments (1577-7877), internet appointments (cuh.co.kr)
  • Booking after treatment : doctors (nurses) type in the next treatment date payment of treatment
  • Booking at discharge : Make payment at discharge and make next appointment
    • Make payment at the outpatient reception desk after making appointment at relevant department for selected treatment
    • Dental examination: Cannot make appointments via internet. Please use phone to make appointments.
  • dental appointment number(250-) : oral medicine(2054), oral and maxillofacial surgery(2068), calibration(2123), preservation(2119), orthodontics (2117), pediatric dentistry(2121), periodontics(2115), oral and maxillofacial radiology(2108)


  • Present registered receipt to unit nurse and wait until called.
  • Receive treatment from doctor (examine, test, administration, appointment, etc.)


  • After your appointment, pay your fees at the automatic payment and prescription issuing machine or at the window.
    • Using the automatic payment and prescription issuing machine: Pay by credit card and receive your prescription.
    • Window : Pay your fees in cash or by credit card. You must receive your prescription using the automatic payment and prescription issuing machine.
  • Receive treatment from doctor (examine, test, administration, appointment, etc.)

Tests (To make a testing appointment: 063)250-2330, 2331)

  • Make an appointment or begin testing after checking reserved testing items for patients who have received prescriptions for testing. Notice given in the laboratories about precautions before testing
Test Area Test Name Phone Number Waiting Time
Department of Radiology MRI test 2155 Approximately 2-3 days
CCT(Room A) 2281,2283 abdomen, pelvic, chest (about 1 days)
CT(Room B) head and neck (about 1 days)
Ultrasound (breast) 1163 Approximately about 3weeks
Ultrasound (other) Same day
Colon contrast imaging (13) 2144 Approximately 1-2 days
Small intestine contrast imaging (12) Approximately 2 days
Nuclear Medicine Bone Scan 1169 Approximately 1-2 days
Brain SPECT Approximately 1-3 days
heart perfusion Approximately 1-3 days
(DMSA)Renal Scan(DMSA) Approximately 1-3 days
PET/CT 2325 Approximately 3-7 days
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Center Gastroscopy 1291 general (about 3 days)
/ special(about 3weeks)
Colonoscopy general(about 3 days)
/ special(about 3weeks)
Emergency Center 2nd
floor Heart Test
Echocardiography 1339 Approximately 1week
echocardiography 1338 Approximately 1-2days
24hour ECG test 1302 Same day
24hour blood pressure test 1302 Same day
Bronchial Induction experiment test 24hour blood pressure test 1288 Approximately 1week

Going Home

  • Home health care should be according to doctor's instructions.
  • Patients reserved for treatment (medical exam, treatment, etc.) must go to the relevant department or examination room on the scheduled date.
  • Patients reserved for endoscopic examination must pay at the counter to be examined.

Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

  • For admission, please be sure to collect your admittance form from doctor in charge after treatment
  • Please present completed admittance form with your insurance card (main 1st floor admittance and discharge counter, emergency storage/night, holiday, emergency patients).
  • Patient personal information and information of one guardians or guarantors (must be older than 27 years old) must be signed and sealed.
  • Superior room application form must be signed and sealed. (if applicable)
  • Selected medical treatment request form must be signed and sealed. (if applicable)
  • Present your discharge record (green label) to the unit nurse
  • You will be admitted after having been assigned to a room and have completed the admittance form as per doctor's instructions.
  • Please prepare and bring toiletries, slippers, cup, spoon and other necessities needed during admission period

Inpatient Care

  • Follow the instructions of doctor and nurses in charge
  • Examinations, tests
  • Treatments, surgery
  • Prevention, rehabilitation, nursing

Inpatient Care

Please pay the treatment fee at the check-in and discharge counter after a hospital stay of one week has elapsed or when medical expenses exceed a certain amount.

Inpatient Care
Intermediate bill - Billing period for intermediate bills: More than 1 million won
- Pay location : Main building 1st floor hospitalization and discharge area
- If you have questions about the bill please contact us at the reception desk on 1st floor. (phone number 250-1047,1048)
Deposit Without bankbook - Admission and discharge fees may be remitted to the account number below.
- Please remit payments in the patient name and contact the Administration Department for confirmation (phone number 250-1042,1043).
- Account Number: 538 - 23 - 0300058 (Jeonbuk Bank)
- Account Holder: Chonbuk National University Hospital
Patients room - Patient is responsible for deductibles (usually 20% of hospitalization fee) for regular rooms depending on the type of patient
- Additional fee is added to the regular room fee depending on the class of room
- Patient is fully responsible for the difference in expense between regular rooms and superiorrooms
- Superior patient room expenses (1day) : VIP room 280,000 won; suite 200,000; special B room 150,000won; single room 110,000won; 2 person room 55,000 won; 3 person room 40,000; 4 person room 30,000 (Except psychiatric ward with 1 person room 40,000 won and 2 person room 25,000 won)
Meals - Patient's meals applied to health insurance since June 1st, 2006
- General : 1meal 5,680won (own expenses 2,840won)
- Treatment : 1meal 6,100won (own expenses 3,050won)
- Does not provide meals if unpaid
- meals covered by company for patients injured at company/work
Patients are fully responsible for medical expenses of uninsured items (ultrasound, etc.), selected medical expenses, medical expenses exceeding the standard and other expenses that are unpaid by insurance.

Discharge Process

Decision to Discharge

  • The decision to discharge the patient and any post-discharge instructions will be made by the doctor in charge (outpatient treatment, transport, etc.).
  • Forward to discharge office all medical records at 9:30 am on the day of discharge


  • Compare medical bill of discharge registered patient with hospital medical records (modify any omission, errors)
  • Send medical bill and completed evaluation of patient to discharge window (10:00~12:00)
  • Delay discharge time for long-term hospitalized patients as 60~80 people are being examined per day
  • Discharge counter shall contact the patient via phone to calculate discharge bill

Going Home

  • Please issue completed discharge form to unit nurse after paying the medical bill
  • Please receive medication from your nurse before you leave
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