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Status & Statistics
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Sickbed conditions

based by on November 2015

Licensed beds EEG sense room emergency room nursery Isolation ward etc
1,047 3 42 10 15 37
  • Licensed beds : main [339], emergency center [246], cancer center [89], Senior Center [57], Children's Hospital [81], Respiratory Center [131], intensive care unit [59], psychiatry [27], sterile therapy [10], hospice [8]

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based by on November 2015

Floor area (building) 175,610.72(m2) Floor area (land) 136,626(m2)

Ambulatory patients

Ambulatory patients Inpatient annual personnel The number of surgeries
817,468 persons 360.396 persons 17,012 persons


Information Tracking System

Information Tracking System
1989 Some departments of general management and medical support are computerized
1991 Computerized screening of hospitalized patients
1995 Computerized screening of hospitalized patients
1998 OCS(Order Communication System) : A system that handles and delivers prescription and test results accurately and rapidly by computerizing paper prescriptions, integrating hospital administration, care medical support, general management and all of other areas information.
2003 HIMIS(Hospital Integrated Management Information System) : Securing competitiveness, transparency, and management efficiency by introducing ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning- BSC(Balanced Score Card)), ABM(Activity Based Management), FIN (Financial Management)) and DW(Data Warehouse) for the first time in the local medical community, using information regarding decisions made by doctors and management information generated by OCS.
2004 PACS(Picture Archiving Communication System) : Improving business efficiency, service, and quality of care with an inquiry system; securing and storing in digital form medical images from ENT, the department of laboratory medicine, pathology, cardiac catheterization, endoscopy, nuclear medicine, dental radiology, and diagnostic radiology.
2005 NAC-based integrated security system: Protecting information system from outside intrusion
2006 Prescription Review System: Managed according to consistent rules to determine if reimbursement criteria are appropriate to the patient's medical history at the time of prescription entry by data-basing the insurance examiner's records. Effective in preventing prescription of contraindicated combination, over-prescribing, and prescription input error.
2007 SEMR (Scan Electronic Medical Record): Upgrading quality of care and management efficiency by improving chart management using completed digitized medical charts converted from paper charts.
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